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International Coverage and Networks

International Coverage

Our many years’ experience of operating within two international networks of lawyers and international law firms means that we can call on a large number of specialists outside France.
If you operate in the Health or Intelligence Industries and need an attorney anywhere in the world, please get in touch with us, regardless of whether you are already a client. We will be happy to help.

This flexible network of acknowledged specialists in their particular markets (who are known personally to us) means we can coordinate a multi-country project from France, saving you the cost of a centralized organization and allaying any concerns you may have concerning the storage of confidential information outside France. We have already successfully coordinated a large number of international operations, including one involving 92 different countries!

An Extensive French Network

Our clients often entrust us with assignments that require coordinated input from a number of specialists, including :
  • - Press/communications agencies
  • - Strategy consultants
  • - Employment, revitalization and re-industrialization consultants
  • - Realtors
  • - Medical specialists
  • - Pharmacovigilance specialists

We will place our network at your disposal and will recommend the best person for the job at the right time, because you cannot afford to make any mistakes with this type of project. We are always willing to work with a specialist whose services you have successfully used in the past.

The much overused term ‘partner’ suggests a relationship that may be a bit too cozy, and may not be based on professional expertise alone. At SEA we do not work with ‘partners’, we work with genuine specialists with a proven track record.

We can also draw on our network of contacts whenever you require assistance in an area of law that is not one of our special practice areas (tax law, company law, administrative law, real estate law, etc.) in order to recommend a specialist who will provide an efficient and cost-effective service.


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