Ever increasing regulation leads to consolidations

Ever increasing regulation leads to consolidations
The extraordinary expansion of regulations applicable to drugs now applies to MD’s, both at the European and the national level. SEA will assist you in identifying and prioritizing the rules applicable to your products and your activity, and in achieving compliance.

Big Pharma firms often have 10 Regulatory Affairs specialists for 1 legal advisor; but the MD industry, which is much less concentrated, is rarely able to have such, often ‘sharp-end’, resources available in-house.

Only two solutions are available: one, to take out an unlimited SEA Regulatory subscription, with the price guaranteed for 1 or 2 years; or a consolidation between players, which is not necessarily easy to achieve between family-controlled companies...

PR’s, Compliance services and other supervisors of standards within companies have an ambiguous relationship with HR Departments. They are held responsible in the event of irregularity. Yet, they have no authority over employees to have them respect the standards in question. 

SEA will assist you in reconciling these contradictory positions through delegations of authority and shared authority.
SEA AVOCATS audits targets prior to acquisition, takes a reading of the labor relations atmosphere and manages collective statute challenges post-merger.