Entering the french market

Entering the french market
The clinical research phase is completed, you have filed patents and received MA’s or your products are EC-marked: your problems are just beginning!

In order to achieve the best results in dealing with the medico-economic evaluation commissions (‘Transparency’ for drugs, 'CNEDiMTS' for devices), having the support of our expertise is essential when completing your medico-economic presentations; our experience informs us when an MD file is destined ‘hit a brick wall’ due to a lack of appropriate methodological studies and inadequate force.

Then you need to obtain a price or a tariff, avoiding the hazards pertaining to the CEPS.
We know how to steer a ‘pricing file’, as well as the pitfalls to be avoided.

Finally, your products need to be registered quickly, and appropriately, on the lists of reimbursed products; SEA will assist you in avoiding delays and obstacles.

Employment contracts are the key to success on arrival on the French market. 
SEA provides templates tailored to your needs with robust and effective clauses.

A social form needs to be set up, to include all ab initio collective agreements, that we can put into place even for firms without employees.

SEA provides you with a complete package including a structure and agreements suited for your industry.