AI and Big Data prefigure the new healthcare context

AI and Big Data prefigure the new healthcare context
Through the use of AI and health data it is already possible to delegate tasks for machine operation, thus re-focusing the physician solely on his/her domain; this change is being held back only by cultural resistance and the issue of shared fees in telemedicine.
The barrier concerning fee-sharing in telediagnosis and telemedicine has finally been lifted by the 2018 social security financing law.
Algorithms for processing the huge mass of health data make predictive medicine possible, a revolution that is reminiscent of the paradigm of Chinese medicine.

The establishment of the Economic and Social Committee ('CES') will, in the e-health sector and among users of AI and Big Data, give the Health and Safety functions of the CSE a new level of importance.

SEA will help you understand the day-to-day disruption arising from the advent of Big Data and AI within your company, and to negotiate internal CSE rules and an AI charter in order to respect the rights of your employees.

SEA will also advise you, as necessary, in its capacity as external Privacy Officer, then Data Privacy Officer, on the processes to be implemented pursuant to the GDPR with regard to your organization and planned projects.