Our international network of experts

In France

Your needs will often require the involvement of several contributors
SEA Avocats will recommend the appropriate professional, tried and tested by us in real situations
  • Communications
  • Medical and
    IT experts...
  • Regulatory authorities,
    CNIL, ASIP, ...
  • Strategic
  • Consultancy on
    reclassification, revitalization,
  • Real-estate
SEA Avocats is always happy to work in collaboration with new professional contacts, please let us know of your experience with your own preferential contacts.
What if my needs fall outside the scope of your expertise?
Here again, Sea Avocats is able to tap into our network of contacts, to connect you with a specialist indeed able to offer the appropriate expertise, at the right price.

Ask us, we are happy to help!

International contacts

What if my needs extend beyond the French borders?
SEA AVOCATS will be happy to make its international network of specialist experts available to you.
  • Historic members
    of international
    networks of lawyers
  • Experience of
  • Co-ordination of international projects covering up to 92 countries
  • Professionals who are
    well-known in their markets
  • Experts that
    we know well
  • The advantage
    of a single point
    of contact