Nicolas Sauvage

Attorney admitted to the Paris Bar

  • Masters in business law and tax law
  • Labor and employment law specialist
  • Board member, AvoSial (association of employers' attorneys)
  • Part-time lecturer, HEC business school
As an amateur show jumper, I can see a lot of similarities with the legal profession. The obstacles are known, the course is marked out, but each competitor takes a different approach and his performance will affect my ranking. I form a “team” with my horse and with my client: a team that can emerge victorious if it remains strong, relying on mutual trust and my technical guidance. In a show-jumping competition that I have been working toward for several months, I have scarcely 60 seconds to convince the judges, much as when I plead in court, where the first two minutes are crucial. I can learn a lot from silently observing other competitors before I enter the ring. Similarly, an analysis of the parties involved in a labor dispute or a restructuring operation can be extremely valuable. Lastly, while a victory strengthens the relationship of trust between myself and my horse, figuring out why we failed can make the difference between winning and losing next time.


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