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Hervé Gabadou

Attorney admitted to the Paris Bar

  • Masters in business law and tax law
  • Masters in careers in the law
  • Graduate of the IDC Institute of Comparative Law
  • Member of the Bureau of the EOA (European Outsourcing Association)
  • Member of ItechLaw Association
Every profession and industry has its own jargon.

IT jargon is perhaps more obscure than most. Luckily, it is an area that interested me from an early age: at a time when IBM, DEC, Wang and Apple were the hardware market leaders and firms like Apricot were trying to compete with the big guys on the block.

Some people, including my colleagues, can find my ease with both ‘computereze’ and ‘legaleze’ surprising, baffling or even inspiring.

Combine that with ‘healthcare-eze’ and the reactions include amazement and amusement.

And yet such fluency has become a necessity for lawyers. Information Technology now touches upon all these areas and more, de-compartmentalizing business lines and chipping away at the barriers between fields, business sectors and skills.

The question whether technological progress brings about genuine social progress is open to debate. However, technological progress does offer a degree of complexity and innovation, and a potential for further investigation and legal creativity, that I find extremely stimulating, especially when I encounter such fascinating concepts as SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud).