Termination of employment contract

Termination of employment contract

Employing the most appropriate reason for termination

Every working relationship comes to an end one day. When the time for separation comes, whether it involves termination by the employer, or resignation by the employee, the correct choice of means is essential in order to avoid or minimize recourse to the industrial tribunal. SEA AVOCATS will assist you, either on an occasional basis, or through a subscription covering all your day-to-day labor law advice. Defining dysfunctions, measuring the appropriate sanction, evaluating the economic difficulties at the origin of the termination, pointing out unexpected reasons for a resignation, all form the very basic tools that our teams employ with skill.

Negotiating with the employee in question

After a termination, or at the same time, comes the time for negotiation. Our lawyers are well-experienced in this type of exercise. We offer our clients a precise evaluation tool, that will be re-used later to assess accounting provisions for risk. Then the negotiations begin, in full confidentiality, and protected by the mutual respect between lawyers. SEA AVOCATS negotiates and reaches settlement in 89% of disputed terminations, securing the employer’s position and minimizing the accounting period for provisions.

Resolving litigation

Where all attempts to reach amicable resolution of a dispute have failed, where the issue is a point of principle, or where the employee’s wrongdoing has been so serious that negotiating would amount to an abdication, or an endorsement of their acts, then SEA AVOCATS puts its skills at the service of our clients, to assist them before the courts.

The substantive work done by our teams, as well as the quality of our submissions and written pleadings are often commended by the courts. SEA AVOCATS puts all of its energy into reaching a successful outcome in the cases you entrust to us, and to minimizing the impact where a case is in difficulty.