Ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance

Implementation of internal regulations

A French staple, internal regulations form an essential instrument for all firms, that our lawyers refine to best suit each client’s business challenges.

Implementation of an Ethics or IT charter

Soft Law rules, strongly present in international groups, are for the most part now codified. SEA AVOCATS maps each company’s compliance status, taking anti-bribery and anti-money laundering rules into consideration, and then runs a compliance process in project mode. Our teams also adapt worldwide charters for groups to bring them into compliance with our own national regulations, in particular the lines concerning whistleblowers.

Dealing with in-house fraud

In the event of suspected or identified fraud, firms are often perplexed. Executives are torn between their wish to deal quickly and effectively with the fraud and its perpetrator, and their concerns regarding committing procedural, tactical or communication errors, the consequences of which would be worse than the fraud in question. The risk is, in fact, that investigative actions that are badly organized and poorly supervised, should place the company and its executives in a dangerous position. SEA AVOCATS accompanies executives, with the appropriate level of confidentiality, in putting into place teams of fraud investigation specialists, in covering the legal aspects of maintaining the chain of evidence, supervising the sanction process against employees, involving communications personnel in the most minute details of the operation, in order to avoid any faux-pas, and in maintaining a media black-out.