Employment contract

Employment contract

Overview and solutions / recommendations

Working relations are contractually based. Employers who use out-of-date or badly drafted contracts face unpleasant surprises and tricky situations. Our team’s first intervention, most often in the context of litigation, is to gather full details relating to overall dysfunctions in the company, caused by the employment contract in question. Once we have the litigation in hand, we then audit the HR department’s contract library. Thanks to our inventory of the existing contracts (meaningful to the Executive Committee), we propose turnkey contract alignment solutions, taking care always to facilitate business and prevent disruption.

Drafting concise and secure employment contracts, appropriate to the requirements of your business

Recent reforms have recast employment law, with whole new sets of possibilities opening up as a result. SEA AVOCATS will enable you to optimize your employment contracts, in compliance with the current regulations. Our teams will prepare several standard contracts for your company, taking care to listen to all your needs and for the result to correspond as closely as possible to the reality of your situation.

Minimizing the risks connected to secondment of personnel and the use of freelancers

Employees are often seconded to work directly with clients. This is sometimes the business model of companies in the field of IT services. As to the substantial use of freelancers, this may serve as a palliative measure against sudden increases in activity, or as a tempting option, allowing personnel costs to be classified as variable. SEA AVOCATS will assist you in managing these staff management procedures, as the associated risks are significant: illegal supply of labor, improper subcontracting, ruinous reclassification of freelancers into employees, are all pitfalls which our teams - drawing on extensive experience - will help you avoid.