Discrimination and harassment

Discrimination and harassment

Ensuring compliance with the provisions in force

SEA AVOCATS ensures training and raised awareness amongst Management teams then field managers concerning good non-discriminatory practice with regard to employee representatives, specific employee populations and other populations subject to discrimination.

Ensuring religious neutrality within the firm

Respect for republican values is as much essential within firms as without: equality and fraternity are not only civil, but economic markers. Our teams had therefore implemented the rules of religious neutrality, well before the French Labor Law known as the El Khomri law, thanks to an intelligent use of conflicts of laws. SEA AVOCATS will accompany you in implementing neutrality charters and advise firms affected by employees being radicalized. We act in defense of employers accused by employees of discriminating or discriminatory decisions. We have frequent and excellent relations with the Defender of Rights.

Dispute resolution

Harassment and discrimination are henceforth becoming the best litigation strategies to circumvent the cap on unfair dismissal benefits imposed by the Macron Orders in 2017. SEA AVOCATS anticipates that employees and their counsel will be rushing into this breach. Our teams are prepared. They are aware, on a daily basis, of the invasion of medicine into the sphere of labor law, through improperly granted sick-leave and physicians, on being challenged, hiding behind medical secrecy. They work to prepare entrepreneurs for such traumatic litigation. SEA AVOCATS also accompanies firms before the Medical Council to seek punishment of healthcare professionals accused of misusing their powers to grant sick leave. Naturally, our teams also challenge notices of occupational injuries and work-related illnesses before the appropriate courts. For all disputes other than those compulsorily heard before judicial or administrative courts, our lawyers make all efforts to avoid the state courts, preferring alternative means of dispute resolution: mediation, arbitration (henceforth lawful in labor law), medical arbitration, conciliation.
  • Challenging sick leaves or reports of occupational injuries / work-related illnesses related to alleged work-related stress
  • Assistance with litigation