Digital & labor law

Digital & labor law

Securing your IT resources

Any company making IT resources available to its employees and external service providers must ensure they are secure. The sustainability of its information system and continuity of its business are at stake.   

We draft IT charters appropriate to your business activity and technological and operational choices, with the aim of: 
  • raising awareness of IT risks among users (employees, administrators, and third-party service providers)
  • allowing collaborators and associates who so wish to use their own IT tools (BYOD) for work, or to telework 
  • setting out the applicable rules in terms of logical, physical and organizational security or in terms of intellectual property
  • protecting the company and its chief executive, who is both criminally and civilly liable for the acts of users

As all employees must be aware of the rules laid out in an IT charter, we help to make them binding on employees, by assisting you in consultations with staff representative bodies.

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