Collective negotiations

Collective negotiations

Day-to-day management of staff representative bodies

SEA AVOCATS believes in social dialogue and in the quality of working relations achieved through employee representatives in a more relaxed and collective environment. The CSE, the social and economic committee, which is the new tool for social dialogue in France, will revolutionize employer-employee relations. Our teams guide firms in the implementation of workplace elections for the CSE. They also train HR Departments and Trade Union representatives in this paradigm shift.

The staff representative bodies must be respected in their role as intermediaries. At the same time, some of them misuse their power, for example appointing expert consultants indiscriminately, principally at the employer’s expense. In such cases, they must be challenged and such appointments withdrawn. Excessive fees which are still applied by many consultancy firms used by Works Councils (CE) and Health and Safety Committees (CHSCT) must meet with appropriate legal challenges from employers. Our teams are able to deal with these matters, consistent with their true convictions and fully in line with our values.

Implementation of a business project

Negotiating and drafting an organization of working hours agreement (see “Working hours”) or a reorganization agreement (see “Reorganization”)