Market access, price and reimbursement, evaluation, pricing, re-evaluation

Market access, price and reimbursement, evaluation, pricing, re-evaluation

Opening the market to an innovative therapeutic solution, thus bringing about change in classification and pricing

SEA Avocats assists you in achieving maintenance of an acceptable price for mature products. Our team also assists you in managing late portfolios (arrival of competitors, generics and biosimilars on the market).

SEA Avocats is at the sharp end in mixed legal actions / lobbying to bring about change in UNCAM classifications which have become obsolete due to technological developments.

With regard to your innovative technologies, SEA Avocats assists you in obtaining implementation of the ‘forfait innovation’ innovation payment.
We will assist you with obtaining reimbursed status for medications and medical devices.

Come out on top of a class re-assessment

As contributors, we are at home with the make-up of the French Council of State sitting in interlocury proceedings and its case-law, and are able to orient you towards pragmatic business solutions, avoiding disputes of which the outcome would be too uncertain. We are also available to assist you substantially on your long-term strategy.

We also assist in negotiations with HAS [French national healthcare authority] and the CEPS [French Economic Committee for Healthcare Products] and, in the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, we will contest decisions of price reduction or discontinuing reimbursement;

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