Placing on the french market

Placing on the french market
You have just obtained MA (marketing authorization), and wish to be able to enter the market early, by negotiating a temporary use authorization (TUA) or a temporary use recommendation (TUR) with ANSM, or you wish to affix EC marking on a new medical device?
SEA Avocats will accompany you in placing your products and solutions on the market and marketing them, including assisting you in your relations with the competent authorities, and will organize the distribution of your responsibilities between your partners and sub-contractors.

Should you be unsure which regulations apply to one of your products or projects, we will assist by classifying it, taking into consideration the consequences in terms of promotion and reimbursement; we are experts concerning “borderline products”.

You wish to challenge a decision to suspend or withdraw MA, or an order published on the ANSM website? Our team is available to advise or defend you.

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