Medical ethics & transparency legislation / compliance

Medical ethics & transparency legislation / compliance

Reconciling Ethics and Business

We have contributed to the drafting of many internal ethical charters relating to:
- Relations of any sort with healthcare professionals and the authorities,
- Transparency.

Whilst fully respecting professional secrecy, we know “how things are done” and in advising you can give you the benefit of our market knowledge.

SEA Avocats has a Europe-wide vision of the rules governing good practice concerning promotion, anti-bribery and transparency laws.

We are one of the teams of reference, holding conferences on these matters with experts and service providers of all types, as well as representatives of professional Councils:

  • Adapting charters and internal tools to comply with the provisions of anti-bribery legislation, worldwide FCPA charters, the UK Bribery Act and the Sapin law, 
  • Implementation of operational tools to manage regulatory requirements related to anti-bribery legislation and management of medical ethics and transparency departments (management of contracts with healthcare players, congresses, hospitality, donations, samples, etc.)
  • Regulatory assistance with implementing transparency and compliance procedures,
  • Detecting and managing unethical individual behaviors,
  • Assistance with drafting consultancy, partnership, speaking, etc. agreements with healthcare professionals,
  • As required, preparing arguments against the opinions and positions issued by the Councils,
  • Assistance during investigations by DGCCRF (French Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Board), then ensuring criminal defense,
  • Creating business solutions for your original and innovative projects
Our team is skilled in dealing with contractual relations with all types of healthcare professionals, whether registered as self-employed or not.


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