Litigation, product and image defense

Litigation, product and image defense

Minimizing the risks and impact of product recalls and of product liability litigation

Along with our crisis communication agency we are well able to ensure that accidents, even serial accidents, related to health products do not generate a media bubble.

Our team has long experience of disputing accountability and discussing liability by way of healthcare products (all healthcare products: medicines, medical devices, vaccines, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, dietary foods for special medical purposes etc).

Week in, week out, we contribute to building case-law before the courts and the Conciliation and Compensation Committees for Medical Accidents, Iatrogenic Disorders and Healthcare-Associated Infections (CCI)

Civil, administrative and commercial courts

Since you may encounter litigation other than involving defective products, SEA Avocats is available to defend you in all actions involving civil, administrative and commercial courts, or even the criminal courts, in both defense and... as an applicant.

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