Protecting personal data and BIG DATA

Protecting personal data and BIG DATA

Yes, placing Big Data at the service of the individual is possible!

So, you wish to make the best use of your subsidiaries’ databases to launch better targeted, grouped marketing actions? But, above all you wish to retain the trust of your clients and associates?

Data protection regulations, where properly understood, can be of benefit in achieving this objective.  

In this regard, SEA Avocats takes a pragmatic approach and can assist you, in particular, to define a roadmap, helping to draft a white paper to serve as a code of ethics, and a strategic manual to achieve exemplary status in this domain. 

Your data takes to the seas

So, you wish to transfer personal data outside the European Union? Your CRM publisher is located in the United States? You wish to implement BCR? You wish to join the Privacy Shield system?

Where you are transferring personal data outside the European Union, formalities need to be completed with CNIL, which vary according to the legal regime applicable to the main processing (normal declaration or other formality), or even the destination country.

Legal and technical requirements also need to be fulfilled to ensure the security of your data.

We will advise you on the legal risks involved in data transfers outside the European Union, or indeed, assist you in drafting internal company rules defining your group policy concerning personal data transfers. 

Keeping your data safe and sound

The security obligations which are the responsibility of the head of personal data processing as well as any sub-contractor are reinforced by the European Regulation (GDPR).

All such measures must be documented (accountability principle). 

SEA Avocats is by your side, specifically, to:
  • carry out privacy impact studies (Data Protection Impact Assessment) 
  • analyze your contracts agreed with sub-contractors to ensure that security is guaranteed end-to-end 
  • secure data flows
  • implement all logical, physical and organizational measures
  • design appropriate processes for identifying security failures

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