Mediation, litigation and IT expertise

Mediation, litigation and it expertise

Mediation to avoid litigation

As trained mediators from the Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP), we are skilled at bringing even the most reluctant partners around to this option. 

The choice of mediation allows (i) closure of a dispute on a tight budget and within only a few weeks, (ii) in complete confidentiality and, (iii) ensuring a continued, and sometimes enhanced, relationship with the partner involved. 

SEA Avocats will assist in your mediation meetings and in drafting the resulting settlement agreements.

Expert consultancy managed by experts

The task of a court-appointed expert is, before or during court proceedings, to give the sitting judge an expert opinion on specific technical points. The expert may also be contacted outside of any litigation, in a private consultancy capacity, for example in the event of an audit. 

Very often, disputes reach an end before the court-appointed expert. Therefore, the terms of the assignment attributed to the court-appointed expert are of great importance.

SEA Avocats will accompany you throughout, from the appointment of the expert consultant until the expert report is filed.  

See you in Court!

Since it is not always possible to settle a dispute amicably, we are available to defend you in all actions involving civil, administrative and commercial courts, or even the criminal courts and industrial tribunals, in both defense and as an applicant.

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