IT pre-litigation management

It pre-litigation management

Escaping unscathed from a contract

Whether your firm is trapped with a service provider which is simply not suitable, or is even putting your information system at risk.

Or your project has gone off-course and you are unsure how to remedy the situation without making things worse.

SEA Avocats is available, with all its expertise, to assist you in finding a speedy and pragmatic solution, allowing you to refocus quickly on the development of your business activities:
  • Our diagnosis is based on documentary material, combined with our experience of this type of situation
  • Defining and validating the objective to be achieved
  • Establishing and implementing a plan of action

Reducing the risks and impact of a license audit

Are major publishers threatening you with a license audit? Or have you downloaded an update of a licensed software, along with a rider modifying the matrices for calculation of fees? 

SEA Avocats will decipher their licenses, working with you to make the most of loopholes and reach a settlement.

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