GDPR and DP audit ensuring compliance and awareness

Gdpr and dp audit ensuring compliance and awareness

Ensuring compliance

The new European Regulation dated April 27, 2016, on protection of personal data is applicable as of May 2018. It introduces major new principles (accountability, Privacy by design, portability, DPO etc.) and strengthens the applicable criminal penalties.

How does this impact your firm? Are you in compliance? What are the risks?

SEA Avocats audits all your personal data processing. To this end, SEA Avocats has developed rigorous methodologies and processes in order to assess, then ensure, compliance of your personal data processing. 

Our audit and compliance procedures involve several stages defined according to recommendations and instructions laid down by CNIL, and built on the basis of a business approach. 

SEA Avocats organizes awareness or training sessions to enable your teams to gain an understanding of the legal challenges involved in complying with the legislation, and to ensure it is correctly applied. 

Seeking to set an example

Beyond compliance, your aim may be to achieve exemplarity.

We also advise companies who are keen to reinforce the trust shown by their clients and associates and wish to guarantee an optimal level of privacy and safety for their data.

Issue of a CNIL “Data protection privacy” seal attests high quality procedures and practices with regard to protection of personal data.  It involves compliance with 25 cumulative requirements organized along 3 themes.

Our aim: to deliver the necessary tools for you to obtain this seal

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