Drafting and negotiating IT contracts

Drafting and negotiating it contracts

Outsourcing your processes, your infrastructures, your applications

You wish to refocus on your core business, delegating management and operation of a secondary activity (accountancy, payroll) to a specialized service provider? 

You wish to reinforce the security of your information system, supported by the expertise and experience of a professional external to your company?

Your aim is to optimize efficiency and control the operating costs of a particular function? 

Outsourcing has become an essential aspect of the IT manager’s activity. Controlling challenges and risks, especially security risks, is essential. 

SEA Avocats often acts alongside companies to draft, negotiate and supervise performance of this type of contracts (BPO, SaaS / PaaS/ IaaS, Cloud, etc.).

Making a success of your IT project

IT projects are often strategic for your business and we are well-experienced in the challenges involved. Our experience is put at your service to ensure the success of your projects

SEA Avocats provides end-to-end legal and operational assistance:
  • At the pre-contractual stage, we will assist you in defining the legal, technical and operational pre-requisites appropriate to your activity and to your aims, choosing the best service provider in the context of a call for tender or indeed in responding to such a call;
  • We draft all contracts required for completion for the contract (development, integration, hosting, managed services, maintenance, license, etc.) having regard to the selected project method (AGILE, V Model);
  • We will assist you in negotiating these contracts with the selected partners 
  • We then follow the project through to the completion stage, particularly during those stages which might prove be critical (migration, delivery and acceptance, rollback) 

Simplifying and standardizing your contractual relations

Facilitating negotiation of contracts with your buyers. Do you wish to offer your partners acceptable standard contracts, which protect your interests and constitute best practice?

Some services do not require a tailor-made contract. SEA Avocats can therefore offer you standard contracts (General Purchase terms, General Sales terms, “Project” and “Operation” General and Special terms, Framework agreement and Implementation agreement...) as suited to your business and to the need for compliance in your regulated sector. 

The particular advantage of this approach is to reduce negotiating time, and to avoid being forced to accept a co-contractor’s general terms.

SEA Avocats also ensures that these standard contracts are kept updated to comply with regulatory changes.

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