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    Predictive Marketing

    We can help you to examine the feasibility of your predictive marketing projects and assist with their implementation.

    The increasingly detailed analysis of client data is one of the more sensitive areas of Big Data.

    The issues this raises concerning data protection need to be addressed, and solutions must be developed with the help of specialists.

    Based on our experience, we can assist and advise, with input from technical specialists where necessary.
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    Compliance and Data Privacy

    In view of the recent introduction of stricter legislation, you may have concerns about the compliance of your processes and your employees’ familiarity with the applicable rules.
    We offer a compliance audit to set your mind at rest.

    We can provide your staff with theoretical training and assist with practical implementation.

    We will work with them to put in place effective compliance processes and control procedures.
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    Neutralizing outgoing employees

    Protecting your company's future is essential: we can advise on how to word effective non-compete clauses in order to effectively neutralize any employees who resign or are dismissed.

    We work with economic intelligence service providers to monitor your competitors and identify any attempts to hire away your employees.
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    Associated services

    We can manage your contracts, negotiate them prior to signature, re-negotiate them during a project, and provide assistance if you encounter any problems.

    We can assist with the formal acceptance of completed construction projects.

    We can assist and advise if you wish to terminate a contract without incurring liability.

    You can rely on our skills and expertise in the traditional industrial sectors, as well as for healthcare and well-being associated services.
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    Big Data

    You wish to use Big Data to boost your business activities, either inputting or retrieving data.

    Medical and technical data must be collected and processed with care to avoid incurring liability.

    We can help you to determine the scope, terms and conditions of your use of this new technology.
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    IT Carve-Out / Outsourcing

    We can provide upstream assistance with IT carve-out operations or the TUPE outsourcing of IT human resources.

    We can draft a mobility agreement for the transfer of employees if the carve-out remains within the group, or a job protection plan.

    We can handle all legal aspects of the operation, while keeping you fully informed.

    We can also examine alternative solutions, such as the creation of a shared service center, and the applicable legal framework.
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    Changes in times of crisis

    We can provide HR support, guiding you through changes, including technological changes. and helping you to prepare managers who will need to make difficult decisions.

    You can also entrust your essential restructuring operations to SEA Avocats from start to finish: we can handle crisis communication, the preparation of documents required by the French Labor Code, or the drafting of a collective job protection plan, as well as the selection of employment and site revitalization consultants.
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    We can provide HR and technical support, helping you to optimize - while complying with legal requirements and in the interest of the company - the use, via smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc., of target data tracers, taking account of personal data protection obligations, or the use of BYOD in your company.
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    Cloud and medical data

    We have assisted a large number of clients in connection with contracts with hosting service providers and integrators, and with compliance criteria.

    We can provide information on the legal constraints associated with cloud technology.
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    IT failures

    In conjunction with our partner IT specialists (each of whom is an approved expert with a Court of Appeal), we can act in the event of an IT failure in order to identify and trace proof of the failure, and seek an emergency court order to put in place an effective expert appraisal.

    We advise mediation whenever possible, so that you can maintain your contractual relationship despite the problems caused by the IT failure, and rebuild a trust-based relationship in order to successfully complete your project.
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    We are closely monitoring this emerging practice and its multiple implications.

    We can provide you with the right advice to ensure your developments or the applications used by your technology comply with the regulations.
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    New General Data Protection Regulation

    In a global digital economy, it has become absolutely essential to have a single set of rules throughout the European Union for such a sensitive topic as the protection of personal data and privacy, in order to avoid different interpretations by the Member States.

    The introduction of this new General Regulation has been pending since 2012. Economic actors need to get ready, as they will be expected to comply with a new set of obligations that will impact on their organization and processes, and may face criminal prosecution for non-compliance.

    We can help you to prepare for this new Regulation.
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    You may frequently be unable to determine all of your organization's IT needs in a rapidly changing technological environment.

    "Agility" is an IT development method that addresses this issue with specific regard to IT contracts.

    Whether you have chosen this method or are obligated to adopt it, we can help you to avoid the legal pitfalls, and to negotiate and follow up contracts.
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    Public Cloud and Continuity of Service

    We will work with you to identify key issues affecting your use of public cloud storage, such as reversibility, security and continuity of service.


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